Who am I and what is this blog about?

Hi, My Dear Readers! 

I am Adina Afendulis and I offer you on this blog healthy recipes for your little picky eaters :) I have two at home and I know how hard could be to deal with a picky eater. My kids are Victor and Elena. Now in September 2014, when I am writing this, Victor is 9 years old, and Elena 1 year and 9 months, and you can see them in the picture below :) 

Victor has medium diary intolerance and low gluten intolerance. The diary intolerance is a bad heritage from my genes :) Speaking about me, I have really high diary intolerance. So, a part of the recipes are absolutely diary free.  Another important category is about gluten free recipes, not only due to Victor's intolerance, but because I believe that gluten is not good for anyone and the benefits of going gluten free are very important. 

I also want to tell you I have another blog since 2007 about me, about more specific nutrition issues, about travels and many wisdom senses regarding psychology. If you are interested, please visit it and accept my apology for that you will have to translate it, because on that blog I am writing in my native language, Romanian.

Thank you and wish you good appetite eating my healthy recipes!


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