Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Soaking Nuts and Seeds

First of all, we need raw nuts, seeds, grains or beans, local grown, non irradiated. 

There is no recipe with nuts or seeds, that should be made without soaking them before. Even for eating them like that, we need to soak them before. Soaking is absolutely necessary for nuts and seed for eliminating the anti nutrients which are not good for our health.

The time for soaking is different for each kind of them. Above there is a picture, with the time for most of them. As you can see, the time of soaking grows with the size of nuts: if for sunflower are enough 2 hours, almonds need 12 hours. 

In the picture at the top of my article, there is also the time for sprouting, but I will not talk now about it. All I want to say about sprouting, is that the seeds or nuts will never sprout if they are irradiated. 

I want to add that soaking is better if you add into the water, a few teaspoons of something acidic and sour, which helps fermentation, like lemon juice, raw milk yogurt, or borscht.

Once the nuts or seeds are soaked, they could be kept in a closed glass jar, in the refrigerator, even for 1 or 2 days before using them in a recipe, or for eating them just like this. 



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