Saturday, September 12, 2015

Coconut Cream Recipe

Due to Victor's dairy intolerance, and mine also, I use a lot of coconut (milk, flakes or cream) to substitute the dairy products. These can replace the taste, flavor and texture of cow's milk, cream or whipped cream made by real milk. If we are talking about gluten free dishes, coconut is also helpful, because can replace very well the consistency of dough.  

So, this is the reason I have all the time in my kitchen blended coconut, made like a cream, from coconut pulp and water. To get this coconut cream, first you have to open the coconut. Here you have how you can do this at home.

After you have cracked the coconut, remove all the pulp from the shell, helping by a knife like in the picture above. I suggest you to wash the pieces of coconut pulp before putting them in the blender, because they can have tiny pieces of coconut shell. Then you just put the coconut in a blender with water (for one coconut add 2 glasses of water) and blended it until you get a smooth cream.

I keep the coconut cream in glass jars and freeze it immediately after I prepare it. You can keep it in the fridge, but no more that a few days, because otherwise it will get rotten.

So, this coconut cream can replace sour cream, whipped cream or Mascarpone cheese in many recipes. Or you can eat it just like this. It's a perfect meal for a baby, starting with age of 6 months. For babies I suggest you give it to them, only fresh, not freezed.  

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