Friday, August 28, 2015

Traditional Roast Duck with Rice and Carrots

This is the taste of my childhood. Everybody has some nice fond memories regarding special dishes made by grandma when you were little. The roasted duck is one of mine! I know that for most of the people these memories are related to a dessert, like some kind of Christmas cakes, or some magic cookies or... anyway, something sweet. 

I have my sweets too, but the roasted duck is much more important for me, because it was made only on Sunday, when all the family came to my grandparents house to have the lunch together. Moreover, this dish needed half of a day to be done, because it was cooked in a traditional oven made by hand from clay. Unfortunately I don't have a picture with it, I will take one with the first occasion and show it to you.

So, now I am very happy to cook it for my kids, in my modern oven, latest from Ariston. For this dish I need: 

- one nice and fat free range duck ( I usually buy it from a local market where farmers from country are selling organic food)
- 500 grams rice
- 1,5 kg of soup (usually three times the quantity of rice); this soup is the water in which the duck have been boiled, before roasting it in the oven
- 2 onions
- a bunch of carrots
- Himalayan salt without iodine - 2 teaspoons 
- pepper - 1 teaspoon

First step is to keep the duck at least for one day, in a marinade before cooking it, otherwise you can not eat the meat. It's a very strong and tough one, like venison. There are many kinds of marinade, I usually use one made of fresh pineapple mixed in a blender with water and olive oil. The pineapple contains a special enzyme called bromelain, which has the ability to break the hard protein tissue. Here in "Tips and Tricks" category of by blog, you have the recipe of my special pineapple marinade.  

Anyway, then it has finished the time to stay in marinade, I boil the duck in water for 30 minutes (if it's a young one) and for 45 minutes or 1 hour (if it's an old one). Add one teaspoon of Himalayan salt in water, to release the calcium from bones in the soup. 

Then just put the rice in a glass cooking tray, add the soup from boiling, the chopped onions, the grind carrots, one teaspoon Himalayan salt and one teaspoon pepper. Put the pieces of duck over the rice, and grind a carrot over for decoration. And cook it in your modern oven for at least one hour at low temperature, maximum 170 degrees Celsius. 

Tip: for a better taste, add some vegetables into the water when you boil the duck: one parsley root, one parsnip root, one small celery root, one onion and one carrot. This veggies give a better taste to the soup and further to the rice.  

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