Thursday, August 27, 2015

Coconut Pancakes

I'm telling you, I make this recipe almost every week. It's a very easy one. First, you have to crack a coconut. You can see how to do it at home, quickly and easy, in "Tips and Tricks", just click here. Drink the inside water if you like it, before cut the flesh into small pieces. 

If you don't, just pour it in your blender together with the pieces of coconut flesh, and mix it together with some free range eggs and gluten free flour, until you get a cream like texture. Even if you add the coconut water into the blender or not, add also at least one glass of water. Otherwise the mixture will be too thick. I usually put 4 or 5 eggs for a one coconut, depending of the size of the eggs. And one big full tablespoon of gluten free flour, for each egg. 

So, the ingredients are:

- the pulp of one coconut
- 2 glasses of water
- 4 or 5 free range eggs
- 4 tablespoons of gluten free flour

Here you have the recipe for coconut cream, if you want to make it separately, and use it already made, for the pancakes.

This is how the pancakes look like.

You can eat them like you can see my suggestions in the first collage picture: home made chocolate cream and fresh strawberries; if it's winter time you can serve it with frozen blueberries and fresh mango. Fresh berries of course, if it's summer time. Or just with organic honey.

From all of them, my favorite is the one from the picture below: frozen blueberries, fresh tangerine, organic honey and cinnamon. It's so delicious that you will fell it like a piece of heaven!

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