Monday, October 13, 2014

Free Range Chicken - Oven Baked

It sound very simple and delicious - kids love roasted chicken in oven... but how can you convince the picky eaters to eat the hard meat of a pasture raised chicken? Well, you have to hold the chicken meat before cook it in oven, for at least one day in a marinade, to make the meat softer. 

A homemade marinade for any kind of meat must have something acidic to brake down the proteins. Acidic ingredients are usually the juice of some fruits (like lemon, pineapple or papaya) and honey. I can tell you that the pineapple juice can make softer even the hardest and toughest beef meat you can ever imagine... When you have a tough meat, try this pineapple marinade recipe

But for a free range chicken I think is enough a much simple marinade made only with lemon, virgin olive oil and non iodized salt. You hold the chicken meat in an glass bowl (not a plastic one, because the acidic juice of the lemon will raise the elimination of xenoestrogens in marinade, especially bpa or bisphenol a) for 1 day, or at least 12 hours. 

When you are ready to prepare the dinner, put the chicken in an enamel baking tray together with the marinade. Add a hand of bacon, a hand of cranberries and a full tablespoon of duck fat. Cover the tray with a lid if you have suitable one, otherwise use a parchment paper as a lid, as I did, because as you can see in my picture, I used the standard tray of my oven, which hasn't a lid. 

Here you have a picture with the cranberries I used for this recipe. There are dried cranberries, but you can use fresh if you have, because fresh is always better. I chose cranberries and not other berries, for their sweet and sour taste. 

Keep the chicken in over for around 2 hours, more or less depending of the oven you have, but don't raise the temperature over 160 degrees Celsius. It's said that after 120 degrees Celsius it begins to occur the carcinogens. If you want to cook this way, you have to agree with a longer time for cooking :) Actually, this is the reason for which I usually make this recipe in slow cooker. Next time I will give you a meat recipe cooked in slow cooker, because it doesn't require marinade and it's much easier to make it.

Anyway, the most important thing you should remember from my article is to replace in your children diet, the farm raised chicken meat with a free range one, because it's healthier and testier, even with the whole work to marinade it before and cook it like my recipe. 

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