Saturday, September 27, 2014

Lamb Liver Pate

Pate is ideal for breakfast, with bread (gluten free bread or wheat bread) or just with fresh vegetables for those who avoid all types of cereals. But, in all cases, in the morning you should already have the pate in the fridge, ready to be eat, prepared at least a day before. 

It sounds complicated, I know, but believe me it's not. Maybe the most complicated part of this recipe, is to get a pasture raised liver lamb, as I did from a shepherd I know for many years. In Bucharest where I'm living, I could also get it from Muslim butchers, because it's the only place in a big city where you can find for sure pasture raised lamb. 

As I guess you already know if you are passionate about healthy nutrition, the organs have a much more nutritional value comparing with meat. This is the issue why we are trying to do everything to feed the children with organs. As many adults, the picky eaters will never and ever eat a piece of a liver no matter what animal is from, if you give them the liver such as... so the best solution is to make it pate, which they will never guess there is liver in. 

So, the ingredients are in the picture below (and don't be strict regarding the quantities, important is to have enough vegetables because it will hide the liver taste): 

300 grams pasture raised lamb liver (or chicken, duck, goose liver)
250 grams raw carrots
a piece of celery
one small onion
5 garlic gloves
250 grams pasture raised caw butter (I usually put ghee butter, because is dairy free, but today I hadn't)
one teaspoon curcumin (the powder also  known like curry)

In a cast iron cookware (I used an Ikea pan), put a table spoon of pork lard and half glass of water. 

Cut the vegetables and put all together in the pan and put a lid on it.

If it's necessary add water during cooking, because the vegetables should get well done, but not burn. When the carrot is well done, add the lamb liver cut small pieces.

Finally, in the end it should look like in the picture below. 

Put it in a bowl and mix it with a blender...

until it looks like this! :)  It should be soft and creamy, otherwise the picky eaters will make a wry face at you :) if they feel the smallest piece of something in it...

Keep it in the fridge in a glass recipient, not to allow the xenoestrogens from plastic to get in your very fancy schmancy pate ! :)

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