Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fish Balls with Vegetables

We usually eat a lot of fish, you will get used to this... so, today I made fish balls.


I used white fish (catfish and perch), but you can put any fish you want. It's better to use at least two different kind of fish, because this way the balls will have a much better taste. The fish is minced and the quantity of it, is about 2 cups.

I putted also one medium boiled potato peeled and smashed with folk, one small boiled onion finely chopped, one grated row carrot, 2 garlic gloves crushedone free range egg and finally one hand of parsley. I would like to put the parsley uncut, but for little picky eaters we have to chop it!

Mix all the ingredients and shape with your hand different shapes, like balls, or flat shapes as mine.

Bake it in a glass tray on parchment paper grassed with pork lard before, in the over at 120 - 160 Celsius degrees, not higher because all the ingredients (especially the fish meat) get done quickly.

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